Artiste-Peintre en Provence
Artiste-Peintre en Provence
Have you heard of ?
"He has always been fascinated by Handicrafts.
At 40 , after years of amateur drawing and painting, he began a professional career in art.
He is totally self-taught : He has brought to life again the old techniques of decoration on ceramic tiles.
His passion for beautiful old china and old engravings led him to combine the two
and he began to create decorated panels of ceramic tiles,
in both of ancient Portuguese and Spanish azulejos ways.
He now reproduces on tiles
old engravings and all kind of scenes, or panoramics plans like Grasse and Mougins centre
for indoor and outdoor decoration :
kitchen, bathroom, living-room, terraces,
gardens and swimming pools ...
He also makes contemporaneous decors and sun-dials."